Data Privacy Policy

Thank you for interest in participating in challenges.

This privacy policy explains how personal information is collected, used, and disclosed by Civique. By joining a challenge you agree to the data collection policy associated to the challenge as well as this Data Privacy Policy.

What information is collected in this challenge?

Civique challenges can collect the following personal information every time you complete a survey: and the following data when requested by a survey:

Note that your Civique account personal information is not shared with the requesters as part of the challenge data.

Who is collecting this data?

The requester of each challenge is defined in the respective consent form, with valid email to be able to contact him if needed.

The Idiap Research Institute is responsible for the secure data collection and storage of all the data collected through the challenges.

How will the requesters use the data related to a challenge?

The challenge's data will be used by the requester and people authorized by the requester for the purpose defined in the respective consent form.

How will Civique use the data related to a challenge?

Civique might use the challenge data to understand and document the challenge process. For this purpose, the location data might be plotted in maps, the image/video/audio data might be observed by authorized persons to label the image/image/audio content and for image analysis purposes, and the survey data might be analyzed to understand the answers provided by participants.
Excerpts of anonymized data might be used for academic publications and presentations about civique.

How long will this data be stored?

By joining a challenge, you agree that the requester and civique store this data for a defined period specified in the consent form starting at the effective date for the above mentioned purposes At the end of that period, data shall be erased. If not specified in the consent form, the default storage period is five years.

What are my rights regarding this data?

You can delete your data at any time. Should you wish to do so, please write to